• Industrial and Commercial Turnkey Projects
  • Industrial and Commercial Consulting
  • Trading with Metals and Chemicals
  • Trading with Building Materials, machinery, and spare parts


Since its establishment in 1961 in Hamburg Germany, the Eitouni GmbH has been focusing on excellency and expertise in the management, planning, design, procurement, construction, logistics, and post-construction phases of commercial and/or industrial projects.


For over 60 years, our company is providing our customers throughout the EMEA (Europe-Middle East-Africa Region) with master advisory and support on the most viable individual solutions in regards to their commercial and industrial undertaking, by paying close, continuous attention to the details of a project.


We have expert experience in commercial and industrial greenfield ventures as well as the upgrade of existing businesses in various sectors ranging from


  • Power & Renewable Energy
  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • General Manufacturing
  • Commercial Infrastructure
  • Aeronautical and Logistics Infrastructure
Recent Projects
Marriott Hotel - Hamburg
Granite Cladding of the Marriott Hotel in Hamburg, Germany)

Granite Cladding of the Marriott Hotel in Hamburg, Germany

Stuttgart Airport
Stuttgart Airport

Marble & Granite works Stuttgart Airport, Stuttgart, Germany

Dubai Flower Centre

Structural roof works Dubai Flower Center , Dubai International Airport, UAE